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Type of boom / 1985 Barefoot

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Topic: Type of boom / 1985 Barefoot
Posted By: baja290
Subject: Type of boom / 1985 Barefoot
Date Posted: May-26-2017 at 8:25am
Looking to purchase a used boom for our 1985 Barefoot Nautique
Barefoot International quotes the "Straight" boom, but I am seeing others in the mid 80's using the contour???
Any advice appreciated.
Also in the market for a used boom.     

Posted By: Hollywood
Date Posted: May-26-2017 at 1:51pm
BI has weird names for their stuff when it starts bending. I'm not going to attempt to use their terminology.

Straight boom is fine and the most widely used style on a 2001 or any Ski Nautique for that matter until the 200. There weren't any windshield clearance issues that really prompted the curved booms or aggressively tapered pylons.

You can also use one that bends up only and also one that bends up AND forward (or backwards if you flip it over). This style was made for boats with sweeping windshields that extend rear of a tapered pylon. I recommend this as it gets the skier ahead of the chine spray, which is quite significant on a 2001.

Just be aware the low mounted boom clamp will be tight against the motorbox.

Posted By: Footer 1952
Date Posted: June-11-2017 at 5:15pm

I have a BI straight on my '86. It works fine. The clamp is close to the motor cover but I only us mine level with the water. Also there is a thick clear plastic sleeve around about 1 foot of the boom that prevents marring your gunwale where the boom rests when in use. (think the bent ones also have one) A straight one probably easier to find used.

Since I regularly use my BI Flyhigh I just loosen the boom clamp and allow the clamp to lay on the carpet at the bottom of the tow pylon so the Flyhigh can slide on the pylon. The clamp is even closer to the motor cover then but still no interference.

(PS drove out the rolled rings on the pylon ski eye and now attach it with SS bolts when using eye for longline) Although nearly everyone wants the Flyhigh behind the boat (including me)

I think I noticed a "glassed in hull sidewall thickener" Just beside (slightly in front) (behind relative to the driver) of the passenger seat. Its visible under the carpeting. I got my boat second hand but always assumed this was to bolster the hull due to the extra downward weight on the hull sidewall with boom and skier. Not sure if your '85 has that. I've put some "big boys" on the boom just to get 'em up on skiis.

Happy 'Footin !!

My name is John

Lets go footin'
'86 Barefoot Nautique

Posted By: Hollywood
Date Posted: June-17-2017 at 1:22pm
The deck bracing is factory. Those wide gunnels necessitated support.

Posted By: GlassSeeker
Date Posted: July-06-2017 at 12:42am
It's OK to put your boom in an upward is much more helpful to beginners if raised at least slightly

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