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Updated: 6/12/2017 (67 days ago)
Originally Posted: 5/26/2017
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Owner: Mike Bramwell
Forum Nickname: mikeb
Location: Holmen, WI
Phone: (608) 769-4311

Model: 1978 Ski Tique
Length: 16
Engine: 302
HP: 195
Hours: 850
Hull ID:
Price: $1,200 OBO

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CCF Price Index: 1978 Ski Tique  (n=27)
Parting outThe Guide fin is bent, the strut and driveshaft are bent. The engine block is cracked from this last winter. I did start the thing briefly- so it does run; but I didn''t want to run water through it in case it had an internal crack as well.. oil looks good .

The body is nice for a 1978. It is spidering here and there, the floor is covered with carpet; but feels really solid. Windshield, glass all looks good. Seats are gone.

I think someone took good care of this thing until they ran into something.

The trailer was pulled from Madison to Lacrosse- has two new tires, one side of new wheel bearings. The spindle on one side is bent down- pulls ok; but should be fixed sometime.

If you want a certain part, send me a note or call. Beside the seats and a few emblems missing, it is complete.
Mike Bramwell
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